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Okay all you fish experts, what the hell is that small white spot in the left side of his head? I noticed it earlier, but it hadn’t occurred to me that it could be bad. Also I received an ask suggesting Valentine has fin rot. I don’t think it looks like fin rot but wtf do I know what do you guys think? The edges of his fins are smooth still, and they have what appears to be a naturally black edging that is symmetrical all the way around. What is that white thing though? It looks like a pimple. Also now I am paranoid GUYS IS THIS FIN ROT?

some of you can expect asks in like .372seconds

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    It could just be ick or a marking, but monitor it closely. If it gets any bigger, it could be hole in head disease. It’s...
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    I’m 99.9% sure the black edging of the fins is his natural markings. I’ve seen other calico’s with those markings. For...
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    His fins look fine! Really good. Grade A fins. All intact and healthy-looking. Just keep an eye on the spot, and make...
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    It looks like just black pigmentation to me. The goldfish is the bulldog of fish; they’re full of genetic issues from...
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    I see, yes that is a concern as well. Has the tank actually run its fully cycle? If the cycle hasn’t completed- that can...
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    Thetwistedrope: The backstory here is that the fish has recently changed owners (or was drunkenly stolen in the dead of...
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    Help heeeeeeeeeeer!!
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    So.. fish can just have moles like that? also WHAT ABOUT THE FINNNNSSS???
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