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The Barefoot College in Tilonia, Rajasthan was started by an Indian man named Bunker Roy. The organization is essentially a college that teaches women from all over the world (but primarily “developing” countries) how to be solar engineers. 

That’s right. Solar engineers.

Classes are attended by local women and women from Peru, Fiji, Rwanda, Nepal, Belize, Ethiopia, Bhutan, and more who are illiterate or semi-literate. Most of them are from rural and poverty-stricken areas. The school does not take attendance, have exams, demand their students speak English or have prior education, and does not ask for fees. These women learn how to make solar panels and bulbs, how to plug them into an electrical grid, and how to provide clean renewable energy to their entire village. They then take this knowledge back to their hometowns in distant countries. 

How are they taught without a common language? Everything technical is color coded. The women learn important words “LED, wire cutter, copper, connection, etc.” They communicate through common sense and the desire to learn. The college accepts anyone and everyone, mothers, lower castes (still an ongoing problem in India), older women, young women, women who have never attended school, married women. 

Since 2004, the College has taught at least 250 women from 41 different low-industrial countries to be solar engineers. 5 out of their 8 engineer professors are women. 35 out of 200 workers are physically disabled. The BC is currently powering both their own facility, homes in nearby villages and towns, and their former students are powering homes all across the world from wisdom and materials imported from the BC. Their local villages pay their salary. 

Roy did try to teach both men and women, but they didn’t stay in the harsh conditions or wanted jobs that paid more (as the BC doesn’t hand out “official” diplomas or degrees). Eventually, the college became largely female. "Why not invest in women, older women, mature women, gutsy women who have roots in the village?" Roy said.

I cannot emphasize how amazing this organization is. The Barefoot College is a safe and accepting place for anyone who wants to learn about clean and renewable energy. It encourages women’s empowerment, helps them out of poverty, and provides solar energy to places where the prices of kerosene and batteries are excessively high.

Sources (please look over them as there are more pictures and I could never do justice to how incredible this entire thing is with just my own words): [x][x][x][x][x][Bunker’s Ted Talk][Donate]

…one line of argument against free and easy abortion is the slippery slope argument that if fetuses are to be freely dispensed with, old people will be next. Old people? Why are old people next? And why the concern for them? Most old people are women, indeed, and patriarchal loyalists are not generally so solicitous of the welfare of any woman. Why old people? Because, I think, in the modern patriarchal divisions of labor, old people too are parasites on women. The anti-abortion folks seem not to worry about wife beating and wife murder—there is no broad or emotional popular support for stopping these violences. They do not worry about murder and involuntary sterilization in prisons, nor murder in war, nor murder by pollution and industrial accidents. Either these are not real to them or they cannot identify with the victims; but anyway, killing in general is not what they oppose. They worry about the rejection by women, at women’s discretion, of something which lives parasitically on women. I suspect that they fret not because old people are next, but because men are next.
"Some Reflections on Separatism and Power" from The Politics of Reality: Essays in Feminist Theory by Marilyn Frye (via unapologeticradfem)




A YBG Public Service Announcement! Please read.


Very good advice. Particularly numbers eight, nine and ten. BDSM is a subculture that is inviting to predators and fringe elements of society who have different respect for other people’s boundaries. There are a lot of really great, amazing people in the scene but there are plenty of others who are looking to take advantage of others, from both sides of the whip. Watch your ass out there, gang, and be safe! Remember, you have all the power when it comes to you and your life, no matter what role in a power exchange relationship you may identify with.


This is a good read and important rules if you want to play with people you don’t know.
Read them!

yes. yes. yes. yes. yes and yes.

Good advice for any relationship, really.

in the coming storm Fifty Shades of Gray is going to create, this is required reading. No matter what you may think of BDSM or the movies or whatever, it is a better idea to help people educate themselves and be sure if they are going to try this thing, that they will do so safely.

that being said: breath play = not even once, okay? seriously.

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